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Driven by strong winds, the Santa Barbara County wildfire grew to more than 3,000 acres late Monday and Tuesday. Local law enforcement was assisted by the U.S. Forest Service, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the California Highway Patrol. 17 news that brings you the award - winning coverage of wildfires in California, wildfires and wildfires in Southern California, "the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

Air Force officials said the fire was directed at Santa Rosa Air Force Base, about 20 miles south of the city of Rosa.

According to the Census Bureau, the area has about 1.5 million people, or about 3 percent of the state's population. Officials said the fire was headed toward the town of Santa Rosa, about 20 miles south of Rosa. Live traffic updates, live news, weather, traffic conditions and more can be found here at the California Highway Patrol.

Every day, different types of precipitation are observed, with no trace amounts, and rain and snow fall on the same day. Based on this classification, the most common form of precipitation during the year is rain alone, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Santa Clarita, the hottest months are July, August and then September. The warmest time of the year is usually late August and early September, when highs regularly range from 96-9º F. May, June and July are the driest months for dry weather, with temperatures rarely dropping below 67.9º F.

The clearest part of the year in Santa Clarita starts on April 24 and lasts 6.4 months, until November 5. Daylight saving time (Daylight Savings Time) is observed from spring (14 March) and lasts 7.8 months. In autumn, daylight ends on November 7 and summer time ends on December 31, with the exception of a short period in the winter months of November and December.

The coldest day of the year is December 24, with an average low of 44F and a high of 61F. Santa Clarita is experiencing freezing temperatures, though that's not the case this year.

The sky is clear with a high of 62 F and a low of 44 F, with an average low in the low range of 40 F. It can rain in late January and early February, and snow may fall in early March. The sky is clear and it will probably rain in late January, but not as much as in previous years.

The first spring blooms will appear in Santa Clarita in late April or early May, late spring and early summer, just because of the increasing number of days. According to tourism statistics, a good time to visit SantaClarita is in April, May or June for a day or two, from the end of May to mid-October. The best time of year to visit Santa Clarita is, based on our results, late June to early September, with an average high of 62 F and a low of 44. Q. A good day to visit Santa Clara County, California, for those who want to visit Santa Claritas is between the end of July and the end of August.

Light breezes are considered the windiest day of the year in Santa Clarita, with an average high of 62 F and a low of 44 F. The windy day this year is December 30, and a light breeze is expected in May.

June to August is the busiest season for tourism in Santa Clarita, and lodging and other accommodations can cost more than usual. Based on this value, the best time to visit SantaClarita is from the end of May to mid-October, depending on the weather conditions.

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The topography within 2 miles of Santa Clarita has significant elevation differences, and the Holiday City and Santa Maria share the same area of Santa Barbara County, California, USA. Based on the above color-coded legends, this crime map outlines areas with low crime compared to areas with high crime. This page allows you to query selected crimes and map them to neighborhoods and intersections within the city of Santa Barbara.

Unfortunately, the moisture forecast does not include information about the small hills and valley observatory walls known as Santa Clarita Valley Observatory and Santa Maria Observatory or Holiday City Observatory.

Although temperatures typically vary significantly from day to day, dew points tend to change more slowly, so what you see in the forecast during the day time is less accurate. While temperatures can fall at night, sweltering nights are usually followed by muggy days, and rain is likely when the predicted humidity is above 95%. The cloud forecast, which predicts a sudden transition from cloudy to clear when no wind is blowing, means that ground fog will form. Since cloud forecasts are opaque, it is a good time to cover the telescope and consider the forecasts less - as - accurate during the day time, especially when gusts of wind cause fog.

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