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As California continues to close, families in the Santa Clarita Valley are still looking for ways to enjoy the summer months. When summer is over, one of the most fun activities in SantaClarita is right next to the Magic Mountain. Whether hiking at Six Flags or Magic Mountain, it is a must - a visit for children.

There are so many things to do with kids in Santa Clarita that you probably want to have some time to explore. If you have only one day, two or even a week, you can do a lot with your family around SantaClarita. Whether you want to spend time outdoors or looking for something indoors that you and your children can do, Santa Clarita has it all. Before you go, here are a few of the top things we've done with our kids around the Santa Clara Valley for kids.

Don't forget to tell us your favorite things on this list and make sure you make a list of things to do when you visit Santa Clarita!

Go out and discover something new while still looking for activities in Santa Clarita. Take a walk, hike or take a break to explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles or the Old West, where some of the most famous people in our country's history lived, such as George Washington and John F. Kennedy.

There are a number of restaurants in the Santa Clarita area that are perfect for children and families. If you are thinking of a more permanent visit to this beautiful area, we have compiled a helpful guide to moving to SantaClarita. If you are looking for activities for your family, your couple or even a girls "trip, our list of Santa clarita things - to - do - in - Santa - Claritas offers a wide range of activities and activities for girls and boys.

Santa Clarita is best known for its outdoor amenities and leisure options, and also offers a number of live music venues, a variety of restaurants and a wide selection of shopping and dining options. SantaClarita is surrounded by the nearby Vasquez Rocks, which offer breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Mountains, as well as many opportunities to explore the Santa Ana River, Los Angeles River and Golden Gate Bridge.

Santa Clarita is a popular place to see and do a lot for a day, both for residents and visitors. Whether you are planning a long-term or short-term visit, here you will find many great things to do. The picturesque area has established itself as one of the most popular places in California for shopping, dining and entertainment, as well as for some of the most everyday and popular activities in Los Angeles County.

The city has so much to do and see, and today's adventure takes us to the Santa Clarita Valley, located south of downtown Los Angeles and just a few miles north of downtown. It is a 7-mile drive south to downtown SantaClarita, where shops and restaurants are located, but only 4 miles south is the city of San Fernando, home to a number of restaurants and shops as well as a variety of entertainment options.

Santa Clarita is home to more than 25 parks and offers a variety of beautiful views and hiking trails. There is much to discover, experience and enjoy, and the Vasquez Rocks are one of the best places to visit with your family. Verano is also a great place for hiking, cycling, fishing, camping or even for a day trip to the beach.

There's always something going on in Santa Clarita, and here we'll point out all the events you might want to miss. Here are seven ideas and activities to discover in the surrounding SantaClarita Valley. It will be a fulfilling experience to get to know the area while actually living in or near Santa Clarita California.

Southern California is known for sunshine and golf, as we've listed some of the best golf courses in Santa Clarita and other parts of Southern California. Golf is one of our most popular activities and we will show you the golf course that you will enjoy and enjoy the most.

California State Route 14 connects Santa Clarita with the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster in the Antelope Valley and runs through the east of the city. Six Flags Magic Mountain is located on the west side, just a few blocks from downtown. It is located at the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of downtown and occupies an area of approximately 2,500 square meters, which is roughly the size of a football field.

Santa Clarita has a well-maintained public transportation system to Los Angeles that can take you almost anywhere in LA. Metrolink provides commuter trains to the SantaClarita Valley through its Antelope Valley Line, which runs from Lancaster to Palmdale, where transfers can be made to destinations in Southern California and the rest of the nation. The local train service offers three different Santa Claritas stations to and from LA, as well as two train stations in the city itself.

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