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As Valentine's Day draws closer, we thought it would be fun to give you a list of some of the most romantic places to eat in Santa Clarita, California. I have lived in SantaClarita for 15 years, so I definitely saw some restaurants come and go.

If you fancy a big, juicy steak, Larsen's Steakhouse, this is the place to be in Santa Clarita. If you go on a weekend evening, they might have a pretty large crowd, but if they go during the week, it is often very cozy and quiet. There are a number of fantastic restaurants in the area, especially if you are alone at night.

Nowadays, the carusos are the typical dishes of the piccola, which first came from the Mediterranean islands, but it is the handmade crescent ravioli, made from nothing with miso tara and a rich, spicy sauce with fresh kikurage (wood-eared mushrooms), that make them a blossoming favorite. Dishes can be heavy and sloppy, and only heavily buttered seafood, such as shrimp and scallops simmering in saffron cream, can be.

At the same time, Tip operates two restaurants, one in Santa Clarita and the other in San Francisco, both formerly operated by Tip and both used for two decades, with the exception of a brief stint in the late 1990s.

The building was then redesigned and operated as Marie Callender's Family Restaurant, and the site was to become J's Coffee Shop. The Piccola Trattoria, a Sicilian restaurant, was converted by Caruso into a former delicatessen, which has since moved on, but the building has since been redesigned and operates as the Marie Caller family restaurant.

The Drifters, which also offers karaoke on Wednesdays, has theme nights, including the annual Christmas party on the last Wednesday of the month, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Doc's also hosted a live music night every last Wednesday of the month with live entertainment and a variety of food and drinks. There is a wide selection of craft beers, wines, cocktails, beer and wine specials and much more.

If you live in your city, state or country, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on restaurants in Santa Clarita California and live music in general.

Newhall Refinery is right across the street and likes to pack - for dinner and dessert. The lounge offers evening specialities from "Ladies Night" on Tuesday to "Thirsty Thursday" for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Mulligans also features an outdoor terrace where you can watch the game, as well as a bar with live music, food and drinks.

It is a great place to have a quiet dinner for two, bring a group of friends, make a party or have everything to yourself. If you like it more as a family dinner, Karma's for you, but for a romantic atmosphere it will suffice. I'm not sure what to do. My friends in Santa Clarita certainly have other ideas, and I'd love to hear them.

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The owner of Mom Can Cook has announced that she is passing the business on to her cousin. Tip's Coffee Shop, which was located on what is now Old Road, was Jardine's first SCV location, soon to be followed by a second location in Santa Clarita, then a third in Los Angeles and finally a fourth in San Bernardino. Since opening in the early 1990s, Tip has become a major location in the SantaClarita Valley, located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, south of the Santa Clara River.

Jardine's first SCV restaurant was located where Newhall Land was maintained in the 1940s and 1950s, and a sub-district was eventually built a few miles south of the site. At the time, Tip's moved to its current location on Main Street and Main Avenue, but it was thought that Castaic Junction would become the center of a new residential area. A subdivision, NewHall Ranch - castaic - Junction, was eventually planned and the subdivision itself was eventually built south and southwest of the town, at the intersection of Main and Old Road.

After moving to a location on Seco Canyon Road in Saugus, it found new life in the 1990s on the site of the former Jardine's on Main Street and Main Avenue.

Although the area is best known as home to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Santa Clarita offers visitors a varied nightlife. From local bars to famous country salons, visitors have a wide choice of bars, restaurants, bars and clubs. The pub offers live jazz and guests can enjoy horse and trampoline trails for those who ride in the salon, as well as live country bands in the evening.

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