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Santa Clarita is located north of Los Angeles and offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern California, as well as a rich history and culture. Here is a guide to the best places to visit and the best things to do to visit the city of Santa Clara, California.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Southern California with a rich history, it is a great place for active seniors to enjoy retirement. Oakmont Santa Clarita offers a complete suite of assistance and concierge services to take the luxury of senior living to a new level. Pacific Senior Living SantaClarita offers seniors the best of both worlds: luxurious luxury living and a full retirement plan.

While it is hard to imagine driving through the Santa Clarita suburb, there are more buildings that hold the key to its history than any other city in Southern California. It offers a guided tour of Saugus station, which opened in 1887, as well as interesting stories that explain the city's past.

Compared to other Southern California cities like Los Angeles, Santa Clarita enjoys a century or more of relative isolation and preservation due to its proximity to the San Gabriel Mountains. Indeed, most diseases introduced by Europeans, such as measles and tuberculosis, disappeared from the region in the late nineteenth century.

The city was also hit by the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and its aftermath destroyed many commercial and residential buildings, including many of the city's historic buildings, such as Santa Clarita City Hall and the Los Angeles County Courthouse. Many of these buildings would be buried under the San Gabriel Mountains, along with many other buildings in the area.

The local economy of Santa Clarita is mainly boosted by its proximity to Los Angeles and the location in the San Gabriel Mountains. This makes it a great film studio, as there are few left that are so perfectly located within the 40-mile circle between downtown L.A. and Santa Claritas, and it is based mostly on producing movies, TV shows and other forms of entertainment, such as television and music.

The City of Santa Clarita leverages strong synergies and collaboration with local businesses to have a positive impact on the local economy and the economy of the city as a whole. While it can be difficult to provide access to healthy lifestyles and education to local communities, the State of Los Angeles and the United States of America are committed to providing access and opportunity to all of our residents and transforming our communities and cultures. On this front, our city has worked to increase the number of youth sports events, such as our annual Youth Sports Festival, which began in SantaClarita Central Park in 2009. We also develop and cultivate international partnership relations, which leads to an enlightened and culturally enriched community.

In 2012, the festival was moved to the Santa Clarita Sports Complex, home to the Los Angeles County Youth Sports Center (LACSC) and the San Fernando Valley Youth Center.

Public transportation in Santa Clarita is extensive, and with heavy traffic in this part of the state, many people choose public transportation. The system consists of buses on the train lines that connect SantaClarita to Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and San Bernardino County. For those who want to move and start a family, Santa Clarita has a range of affordable homes as well as a wide selection of private homes. The funds provide scholarships to Santa Clara County youth who otherwise could not afford to attend recreational courses, programs and sports leagues.

Take a look at the list of assisted living communities in Santa Clarita and see what options are available to you. Don't forget to tell us your favorite things on our list and make a note of what to do when you visit SantaClarita.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles County, just a short drive from downtown LA, the city makes it a rewarding adventure. Note: Some information about Santa Clarita is not available, so we have used data from the nearest city, Los Angeles.

Quigley Canyon is located in the Newhall area of Santa Clarita and is a 160-acre area where you can hike, bike, ride and walk. SantaClarita has hiking trails in the surrounding mountains, including the San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Monica Mountains and Sierra Madre Mountains.

The Santa Clarita Valley is located in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, California, USA, and the majority of it is occupied by the cities of SantaClarita, Santa Monica, San Bernardino County and Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Clarita Native Americans, or Tataviam as they are known, remain a recognized indigenous group, and it is still important to record and share their history. The Golden Buckthorn spurred a wave of gold production in the San Gabriel Valley, which completed the transformation of the land into a gold and silver mining area. The aborigines enslaved in the San Fernando Mission were granted extenuating land allowances, but the land of the SantaClarita ancestors was never returned to the Tativiam. They were distributed in Kern County and the San Fernando Valley, bought by Monterey and Los Angeles counties, and then into Santa Barbara County.

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